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Stories from entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs have fascinating, dynamic stories. They are all different. What is similar is their Entrepreneur Factor. Their "E-Factor." Experience their candid stories with us.

Michael Gregory, The Collaboration Effect, Author/Entrepreneur/Conflict Resolution

May 16, 2024

"You gotta take the chance. You cannot sit and aggressively wait for the phone to ring."               -Michael Gregory

Mike Gregory will improve your Business.  He is a self-proclaimed "data driven" guy. And the real strength in that is his application of the data.  He has helped resolve conflict negotiations within large scale Corporations, Start-ups, Family Businesses and the Department of the Treasury.  Conflict resolution at any scale is complicated.  He helps because he never forgets that we are human beings and we all need to be treated that way.  Constantly learning, listening to people and taking action are his best attributes and he can teach us how we can apply them and improve our daily lives.



Sean Gates, Founder Gates Institute gates

May 13, 2024

"Mentoring needs to be Revolutionized. The Talents of our Children are going to waste."  -Sean Gates/ Founder

The reason we get up every day and [should] work towards a "worthy ideal" is the collisions that can take place with other Human Beings.  I am so grateful I collided with Sean Gates.  His work daily is towards a "progressive realization of a worthy ideal."

That ideal?-- alerting society that our chilren are not being given the tools to prepare them for thier future and we all need to participate in fixing that.

He calls it the "Child Industry" and Sean doesn't like the business model or the results.  So he is doing something about it.  The Gates Institute is an Individual approach to child mentoring with Accountability and a focus on Outcomes.

"We live in such a fake world.  These children are dying for something Real!" Sean asserts.

I am grateful I met Sean.  He shares how he helps and why.  

We all have work to do.



Phil Mershon, Author/Creator of Experience/Entrepreneur

May 7, 2024

Being present with people, "I think it's the way that humans are designed to work together."  -- Phil Mershon

Phil is back on the because Experience is a BIG subject.  

Every day is full of experiences.  How are we setting ourselves apart and creating and undeniable experience?



Ashley Moore, Entrepreneur Owner/Operator Interiors by Design Gallery

April 29, 2024

"We pride ourselves on Customer Service; mindful, strategic and efficient with your time."     -Ashley Moore

Ashley gives of herself every day.  It benefits all who know her, work with her.. and even those who don't.  Entrepreneurs must adapt.  And as Ashley says, "my purpose hasn't changed. My job desription has."

The admiration I have for her Leadership is becuase of her willingness to share the tough times along with the success.  That is Leadership.




John Culver, Owner/Operator Parks Motors

April 22, 2024

"I've learned a lot more from my mistakes than I have from my triumphs." -- John Culver

I have yet to meet a successful Entrepreneur who does not stress Hard Work and the necessity of good People to help you achieve your goals.

John Culver is no acceptation.  His professional life and professional success comes from a foundation of Hard Work.  Success seems to proliferate when a few more ingredients are added: a Mission Statement, great People and doing what you say you are going to do.

With Integrity you can persist.  And John Culver's career speaks to all of these attributes.  I am grateful to have this conversation because the formula for success is undeniable and John's story represents this relationship. 



Commissioner Ryan Baty, Father/Entrepreneur/Leader

April 15, 2024

"I am a Localist. In Sedgwick County we need to sew seeds Relationally. Great leaders cast Vision." --Ryan Baty

Commissioner Ryan Baty is leading through the relationships he is creating.  We have a lot of issues to solve in Sedgwick County and in the Greater Wichita area.  We can solve those problems through communication and collaboration.  Ryan Baty ran on message to make Sedgwick County a safer and more productive place to live and he is doing that by not following the status quo.  

Commissioner Baty is giving us all a chance to work together because that is how we solve local problems.  And we al need to be Localists.  This is our community and we do deserve to make it the best place to live and thrive.  

I am grateful for his leadership.



Curt Gridley, a Tribute

April 8, 2024

Curt Gridley loved being with his family.  Curt loved solving problems and helping others solve theirs.  And he solved a lot of difficult problems.  His methodical approach gave people an insight into his thought process.  This allowed others to learn and to be inspired.  

Curt you continue to inspire us all.  You are missed.  Your legacy lives on through the problems you helped us solve.  Rest in peace. 



Michelle Eastman,

April 1, 2024

For over 50 years Rainbows United has supported kids with developmental delays.  Families needing support at home or on a Rainbows campus are served by an incredible highly trained staff. South Central Kansas is a better place because of the work Rainbows does for the people of our community.  

Michelle Eastman has dedicated nearly 20 years to the advancement of Rainbows United so more services can be provided to families in need of developmental assistance for their kids.  I am grateful for the opportunity to share the stories of what they do.  This is a group of incredible people coming together every day to make today a great day for the children they serve.

Thank you Rainbows United.  And you can thank them too.  Participate an any way you can by visiting



Mike Rajewski the General Manager KAKE TV

March 27, 2024

"The death of live television has been Falsely predicted for decades..."

-Mike Rajewski, General Manager KAKE

It's been a joy to get to know Mike and see the contribution he has made to Kansas.  KAKEland is an important broadcast network in Kansas and the Headquarters received a facelift and significant upgrades to its technology so they can continue to deliver news and entertainment across the state.  

Enjoy our conversation about life, our freedoms, opportunities and a little guitar solo from Mr. Rajewski and my, my my it is a beautiful world!
















Phil Mershon, Author & Director of Experience at Social Media Examiner

March 19, 2024

"If you haven't walked away different then why did you go?"

-Phil Mershon Director of Experience

When you have a "culture of service" you are focussed on creating the best experience for your Guest (customer, employee, client, patient..)  And Phil Mershon is leading in creating transformational experiences.

I think we need to think of the daily work more as an experience that we are creating.  Entrepreneurs, Corporate Executives, Leaders-- we are all trying to convey a message and doing that by creating a great experience is a way to deliver Value.  Phil writes in his book Unforgettable about this opportunity.  We can all deliver better for customers/clients/employees if we concentrate on a quality and memorable experience. 



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